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Newgrounds Redesign

2012-02-07 21:58:31 by Sim4Sale

After a long and pianful wait, we are now able to enjoy this whole new-Newgrounds. I turn to it a little sour right now, mainly because i've been in a meh mood from lack of flash games and videos over the last few days. I think however that the new design will grow on us over time.

In addition, i can safely say that this is the first time anyone has ever given their life to provide me with an enhancement in my browsing pleasure. (RIP lilJim)

Newgrounds Staff, thanks very much for putting in all the time and effort to make the site that little bit better for us grounders. Though very disappointment in the lack of nudes Tom, I look forward to another great year of penis jokes, new bumper stickers, gay Oney vids, and lots, lots more :)

Newground Rumble

2009-12-03 23:41:57 by Sim4Sale

I'm officially addicted to this game! It's a amazing, I love it. Although some of the characters are a little.. shitty, the game itself is great. It's challenging, fun, and generally well thought out. I haven't even bothered to check who made it yet, but I shall absolutely see what other games they have!

In other news, wtf is up with Tiger Woods, and why the hell is his (soon to be x) wife so damn hot. Not only is she hot, there is a pair of those luscious plumb bee stings.. SHE HAS A TWIN! I had to sound perverted, but fantasy double team, no competition LOL. Although, after hearing that she beat the shit out of him with a golf club, maybe I'd just settle for the other twin and Megan Fox.. Hmmm, there's so many fish in the say...

Anyway, fantasies and flabbergastery aside, more games HERE I COME!

Newground Rumble